Three Important Service Considerations for the Volvo Penta IPS Engine

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Volvo Penta IPS engines are some of the best in the market. However, if you want durable and consistent service from them, you have to schedule regular maintenance for them, and make sure that genuine Penta IPS parts are used in the process. It is also important to ensure that only experts help you in performing the checkup and troubleshooting. Here are the three most important service considerations to make for the Volvo Penta IPS engine.

Follow the manual instructions

People that manage a lot of boats and engines assume that they understand everything that they need to about all engines. They end up making mistakes when installing or servicing the Volvo, especially when recommended practices are a little different from the norm. This carelessness leads to unnecessary wear and tear, which compromises the life of the engine. It is crucial to make sure that you follow the operator manual when handling aspects such as the oil, coolant and other components of the engine and transmission.

Make sure the engine is registered

It is unfortunate that there are people who sell counterfeit Volvo Penta IPS engines. To avoid being a victim of these cons, it is recommended that you buy from reliable and trusted suppliers, and that you register the engine soon after purchase. Registration helps you stay in touch with the company, which keeps you in the loop about any upgrades, recalls and any other support that Volvo Penta experts are in a position to offer. Contact your local Volvo dealer to ensure that you follow the right registration process.

Keep all service records

The resale value of your boat will depend on the transparency of your servicing records. Every engine is supplied together with a service book; the book is meant to document all the performance and maintenance records. In addition to the book, always make sure that you keep a record of the receipts, bills and all other evidence supporting your service transactions. The documents will also come in handy in case you need warranty coverage any time in future.

These are a few of the recommended service considerations for a Volvo Penta IPS engine. A competent dealer should always be in a position to check on all these aspects and ensure that continuous records are kept and problems are troubleshot in time. With a competent dealer, your Volvo will be in perfect health for a long time.