Three Martial Arts That You Can Learn At Any Age

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Martial arts are often thought of as a sporting endeavour for the young, and that once you reach a certain age it becomes quite difficult to become involved again. However, this is certainly not the case. Adults martial arts classes are very popular for all age groups, and there are many ways to get yourself part of this community. The first step is considering which martial art you actually want to learn. Here are three adult martial arts classes that you should consider due to their availability, ease of entry and enjoyable nature for all skill levels.


Taekwondo is a very popular martial art because of its explosive nature where striking is favoured over body manipulation or grappling. Unlike some other sports, emphasis is placed on your feet and fists to an equal measure with taekwondo, which makes your entire body more prepared for sparring with an opponent. When combined with other martial arts, taekwondo has found great success in mixed martial arts tournaments, but for your purposes, it is also a great entry-level option. It is fun, there are a lot of available options and, best of all, you can start practising some of the core fundamentals on your own.


Judo is very different to taekwondo where striking is the focus. In judo, positioning your body (and your opponent's body) to gain the best advantage you can is the objective. That means throws, holds, takedowns and the like are all of major importance in judo. If you ever got into a fight with a judo practitioner it would become very clear early on as they can get you down onto the ground and restrained in seconds, even if they are much smaller and seemingly less powerful than you. Adults martial arts classes often feature judo prominent, as it is a great defensive course in addition to having a proud history in Australia.


Of course, the most famous and popular martial art in much of the world is karate, and although its huge profile may put some people off, it is still a very worthwhile option for beginners. Don't be mistaken, karate is still a very well polished martial art that trains you to be just as fierce in attack as you are in defence. It is no gimmick or easy sport to master, and it takes years of practice to reach some of the more senior belts, but it is also possible to get to grips with the core elements in a much shorter timeframe. Because of the availability of karate courses, this is most peoples first foray into adult martial arts classes.

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