Three Maintenence Tips For Your Off Road Caravan

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There's nothing quite like the feeling of escaping for some holiday time in Queensland. Hook up the off-road caravan to the car, and go explore the beautiful coastline. As a new owner of this type of caravan, you may not be aware that at the end of every holiday you need to do a little maintenance to make sure your van is good to go the next time you want to go away. So, here are three maintenance tasks you need to perform when you get back from your wandering holiday this summer.

Remove Salt Water Spray

One the most important tasks at the end of every trip, particularly if you have taken your caravan on or near a beach, is to clean all metal parts of the van to remove salt water spray. Saltwater left on metal quickly leads to corrosion, and the rust eventually eats through the metal and destroys it, leaving you with an expensive repair bill. Unless you are 100% positive that you have no leaks in your caravan, do not use a high-pressure water hose to clean the underneath of your caravan. If you do this and the water gets into your caravan, you could find mildew and mould growth the next time you open it up. Instead, use a bucket of hot soapy water followed by a cold water rinse from your garden hose to clean the underneath of your caravan.

Wash The Canvas

After you have finished washing the underneath of your caravan, it is time to turn your hose onto the rest of it. Washing down the canvas when you get home removes dirt and debris which could hold mould spores. Additionally, if you wash the canvas areas of your caravan with a hose at least twice a year, not only can you test to make sure it is waterproof before you travel, but it also gets rid of any odour buildup. There's nothing worse than going caravaning, opening up the canvas, and having to deal with a stink!

Flush Out Water Tanks

Speaking of stink, another maintenance task when you get home is to flush out the water tank of the van. Sterilising the water tank after each trip means you don't have an odour buildup trapped in the plastic of the tank. This buildup then taints future water deposits. Cleaning out the water tank can be done using household bleach. Add a quarter cup of bleach to a bucket of water, place it into the water tank, then let it drain out. Next, place your garden hose into the water tank and let it run through the system for a couple of minutes to remove bleach residue.

If you need more maintenance tips for your caravan, have a chat with your local caravan store. They know exactly how to keep your equipment in top-notch condition.